August fly in 2017

This years late summer fly in was held over the bank holiday with campers  arriving Friday and enjoying themselves so much the didn’t want to leave till Monday.We set the site up Friday afternoon and by 6pm the sun was out and the wind had  dropped so the flying began. And went on till 8pm when we had a break for supper in the marque,followed by night flying going on till near midnight.

Saturday morning came the wind was light and the sun was out early ,so the flying began .Probably due to the weather forecast visitor numbers were low and by lunch time the threatened rains showers had arrived flying continued between the showers  till late .After a Chinese supper in the marque , the clouds cleared and the night flying was on till late .

Sunday dawned  with a better weather forecast and the flying began at 10.  Visitor number were up with flyers from other clubs and people coming to watch and learn about model flying .There was a great assortment of models in the air this weekend .From Simon’s depron A4B flying bomb ,up to the large aerobats with all sizes and shapes of models inbetween  there were models constantly in the air keeping everyone occupied and entertained The  flying continued non stop all day with big Steve keeping everybody fed and watered.Sunday night came all too soon ,but the the flyers staying overnight carried on flying till late.

After a bit of early morning flying on the Monday the campers left and we packed away till next time .

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend thanks for coming and hope to see you all next time.

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Were holding The second of this years  open weekends on  the 22/28 july


As usual this year we will be flying  all weekend ,all day and all night if you want , Every body is welcome  either just come for a visit or  If you want to fly just fetch your proof of insurance ,we don’t require an A cert just show one of our lads you fly safely when you arrive and your off.

If you fancy a go at flying we will have a model you can fly ,you will be connected to one of our instructors with a buddy box  for safety (you wont be able to crash ,don’t worry)

We will be set up from Friday night so if you want to come and camp let us know. Camping will be  available from Friday to Monday at just let us know your coming , if you want  to  stay or  fly Monday you will be welcome


John on   07934689317

Or mark on 07988567019