Please do not remove or deface any of the notices on the notice board

Thank you




we will be reopening the field from Wednesday 13 th .


The field will need some work to get it back to its former condition so if you've got time and are fit and well get your selves down and help out

some members are going down on Wednesday to start the clean up ,

I’m told the grass is long in places but its flyable with the correct model


there will be a few rules put in for everybody's safety


1 Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines ensuring the minimum 2 metre (and preferably greater) separation from other people (unless from the same household) is always maintained (including in the carpark, pits & pilot box).


2 Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitizer used immediately before and immediately after opening/unlocking and closing/locking access gates and padlocks


3 Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after using any club site maintenance equipment.


4 No sharing of model flying equipment and aircraft (apart from by those sharing a household).


5 Unless both instructor and pupil share the same household, if an individual has not yet reached a “safe solo” competence and still requires supervision, a buddy system must be employed, preferably wireless and with the instructor and student using their own equipment. If a wired system is used it must allow the instructor to maintain a minimum 2m separation from the student and appropriate sanitation measures should be taken when handling the buddy lead.6


6  Hand sanitiser should be considered an essential item in every model aircraft flyer’s flight box.


7  Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice.


Ultimately, it has to be the individual’s decision whether to go flying or not and to take responsibility for their own safety.


The health and well being of our members remains our first priority, so please stay safe.