Ours is a very friendly club where all are welcome.
Come along one weekend and meet us, we think that you will enjoy it.
About Model Flying
It is very easy when watching someone flying a model plane to believe that it is very easy.  I can assure you that it is not.  However, it is not that difficult either but it does take time and dedication.
At Don Valley Model Flying Club you will get some of the best training around.
You will probably start on a "Buddy Box".  This is a system where two transmitters are coupled together with a special cable.  You have one set and the trainer has the other.  The trainer will take off for you and set the trim on the aircraft before handing over to you.  This is done at the flick of a switch.  If you get into problems he can switch back and take control.  It is that easy.
Who and where we are
We are a BMFA affiliated model flying club Based in Doncaster. Our flying field is on Bentley Moor Lane, Carcroft, DN6 7BD where we are able to fly 365 days of the year
What can I fly ?
"I have always liked a big Spitfire or a jet !! “ this is the sort of idea people start with but these tend to be more difficult to fly so are best left till you’ve become more competent.
There are various avenues into model flying these days.  You can start with a trainer with either an internal combustion engine or with advances in today’s motors and batteries you can fly electric.
Electric planes start from a small ready to fly kits and go up from there.
The first thing to do is come down to the field one weekend and seek out a training instructor.  You can meet others on the field and get a feel for what you can fly and how the club operates.
Whats it cost?
It depends on what you want to fly you can start with a ready to fly electric model kit from about £130 or go up to a larger internal combustion/or electric model.
         You will need club membership and BMFA insurance      
                   membership is currently £65 for seniors and £5 for juniors £100 for famaly membership  and your BMFA insurance is £47 or seniors and £20 for juniors